AAAC 15th August 2017 - Paul Oakenfold - The Goa Mix

I’m pretty certain that as a DJ mix this is a first for AAAC.

Originally broadcast on Radio 1 18th December 1994, I taped this (yes, a cassette), wore out the tape, and eventually bought a very dodgy CD of it

There was a much later “official” version in 2011 that mashed the track listing around

Being an old fart I enjoy the original, which is at least available on One’s Tube

The newer version is also on Spotify

This mix might not have quite invented a genre, that’s arguably down to Goa Gil (who features in the track listing), but it certainly brought it to public attention.

Grab a glowstick and a couple of disco biscuits, and enjoy.



Some crackers on that mix. I have a dodgy CD too. :sunglasses:

Not one I know but I’ll seek out, I’ll have a look on mixcloud and post if it’s there

Is it this one guy?

No sign of this on TIDAL…:cry:

Excellent… Goa and early psytrance are my favourite genres. I’d say in some respects those artists were pioneers of electronic music too, creating new and different synth sounds.

If it’s the right one I’ve posted it’s on mixcloud…?!

Same as that !

Cracking “blast from the past” choice :smiley:

A genre I’ve never really got , always thought it sounded like electronica prog. I’m keeping an open mind but I’m drifting the wrong way already

There are definitely a lot of crap tunes, no doubt about it.

I’ve found several FLAC archives of the entire Radio 1 Broadcast so will download it :skull_and_crossbones:

EDIT: Bollocks, they’re MP3s…

Certainly looks like the right thing :+1:

I quite enjoyed this. It is very much of its time though and I’m not sure it has aged that well. I’m not even sure this is legitimately an LP as it is just a bloke playing a few records all made by other people and mixing in the odd snippet of Blade Runner et al along the way. In the end it is best viewed as a compliation. Obviously, some Marks were deducted for the the lengthy emulated flute solo about 15 minutes in which is inexcusable. The techno just didn’t punch hard enough for me, The inclusion of Lisa Gerard’s Sanvean from the Dead Can Dance live LP did not work in this context.

A nostalgic 3/5 as a score, but I listened to it twice and enjoyed it both times. I note that the whole thing clocks in at just under two hours which is a bit excessive but this should be handy practice as @MGOwner is up next on the AAAC and whatever the objective measure of time claimed by the ‘artistes’ he nominates, subjectively the suffering typically goes on for far longer.

I have found it on Spotify. It is 6 hours 37 minutes long. But it looks like the first 20 songs might be the album. Or maybe you’re just meant to skip tracks 21 and 40? But then you’re still looking at 4 hours…

File me under ‘confused’.

Even though I haven’t listened to it, something tells me we’re not going to top the description above that it’s “a bloke playing a few records all made by other people and mixing in the odd snippet of Blade Runner et al along the way”.

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My choice will now contain flutes :angry:

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I’m quite happy to review it rather than listen to it if that is the case. In reality we are just calibrating the nadir on the WTFITS-o-meter anyway.


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Loving it large. My sort of baggage man.

Can i be any more unhip?

Seriously, loving it though.

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First day I’ve had at home with the hifi on in quite a long while. Making full use of the fact that everyone else is out to listen to this about as loudly as I can, and it’s definitely right up my street.