AAAC-17/07/18-can't stand the Rezillos

Rezillos - can’t stand the Rezillos
Sorry it’s late, I got roped into another residential school trip and have just got back, I’m shattered and have therefore put minimal thought into this. This album is a favourite from my teen years, a brilliant short lived band (the Revillos were shite)
And an album full of genius.

Could someone do a digital link thingy
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Great balls out rock n roll album,still one of the best live acts i’ve seen.

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Never bought the album, so looking forward to this.

Don’t know if I can be arsed, as none of you cunts listened to mine this week :rage:


Actually, I did but I forgot to write it up. I’ll do it later. Get yourself a drinkie and a large jar of Savlon. :wink:

What Tonic would you recommend with the Savlon ?

The title of the album says it all :roll_eyes:


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Reminds me quite a lot of the Detroit Cobras so far.

Enjoyable enough in a retro way, without making want to play it again anytime soon.

Nice enough trip down memory lane. They passed me by a bit the first time around so I never really bothered with them. It is a fun listen but I still don’t get the reaction I had to their contemporaries. 3/5 but I don’t think I’ll be going back to this much.