AAAC 17-10-17 - Neutral Milk Hotel: In The Aeroplane Over The Sea

Lo-Fi Psych-Folk classic from Jeff Mangum on which he takes on all the bigguns - birth, death, love, sex/possession and er, Anne Frank with surreal lyrics and backed by a Hungarian, punk circus band.

Enjoy! :grin:

Can someone sort the links out? I can’t get Spotty or Tidal on my work computer.


Ooh I like this one!

Bought it. Sold it. Move on.


I’m really loving this, just when I think it’s lost me it twists and I’m back on the hook again.

One to be ordered

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I listened to it again, in the spirit of the thing, and I was right. Move on.

Dull, Irish shanty / medieval folk type drudgery.

Give me flutes, any day.

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How are you with bowed saws and uilleann pipes? Oh, and why are you Ernie, when Bert is the yellow one? :thinking:

Irony innit? Very droll…:roll_eyes:.

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I’m struggling with this. The shouty vocals. The ‘enthusiastic’ yet simple guitar strumming. The (as said above) sea shanty melodies… And we often get all of that together. The effect is pretty jarring. Track 4 at 1:08, for example. Ouch.

Though it does sometimes come off. Track 8 is good.

I think I prefer it when he lets the brass take over. Track 5 I really like. Nice pipes on track 10. Sadly, not enough of this.

I can appreciate that it’s very heartfelt. Don’t think I could sit down and enjoy it, though.

A bit of a mixed bag - some decent tracks but too many that were quite poor. Sounded like a pub band most of the time. Not one I’m going to revisit. 2/5