AAAC 17th September: Erkin Koray - Mesafeler

You lot still here? :confused:

Here be me AAAC:

notawho ?

Meh !

Nice choice, fashions move so fast these days but things used to take a little longer to propagate. Psychedelia was all but a memory in it’s origin countries but further afield (Cambodia / Nigeria / Turkey/ Peru / Brazil etc) The sound was being appropriated and intertwined with indigenous noises and instrumentation (along with eventual inflections of Funk and Prog) to create regional variations that were quite terrific in their cross pollination. Koray & Manco et al in Turkey dragged the sound way past the mid 70’s.

Baris liked drums - I like Baris (This was released in 1976 and was a pop hit in Turkey. Comparatively the UK had Leo Sayer)


Never heard of this artiste. The cover art on Qobuz varies from ‘atmospheric’ to ‘hideous’, often on a single sleeve. Should be interesting.

TIDAL linky:

The spy who came in from the cold…

Great choice, thoroughly enjoying till track 3 and a discogs check. Sometimes the digital has a positive. Want.