AAAC 18/06/19 Meat Beat Manifesto - Opaque Couche

It’s my turn.

My choice is Meat Beat Manifesto - Opaque Couche

Genre/Style: IDM / EDM, a bit dark with Synth / sharp Breakbeats - think modern Aphex Twin

It’s good :+1:, you might even like it.

Very dim memory of a gig in the early 90s that was shut down due to a bomb threat from combat 18.

Not really been on my radar since then, but anything that pisses off the knuckle-draggers that much has got to be worth a shot.

Think I picked up a CD single by them about 25 years ago in Our Price. Will check this out :+1:

Their earlier stuff is a lot more edgy. This is smoooth by comparison.

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Qobuz here:

TIDAL here:

Thanks Olan

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This really shouldn’t be my thing.
However, on listening to it I find that it is absolute shit and I hate it.


My job here is done