AAAC: 19th June 2018: Life On Earth - Music from the 1979 BBC TV series

Sorry for posting this a bit early but I’m working backshift all weekend so no choice.

Will need someone to see if it’s available on Tidal as I don’t have it.

Decent quality Youtube upload of the entire album

It’s a mono recording so bear that in mind.

The sleeve notes are on the Trunk Records website here - if you can be arsed but worth a read as it was quite a journey to get the album released back in 2009.

Not something you’ll chuck on before you go for a bevvy on a Saturday night but I think it’s an extraordinary thing.

Enjoy (or not). :grinning:

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Sounds like a prog intro (short one obviously as it’s 48 mins only). I am sure ELP can do better.

It does have flutes AND David Attenborough so a win win :grinning:

Just P now

This^^^^ :pensive:

TIDAL Link. I’m bracing myself for the flutage…:face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Thanks Olan - at least it’s not prog flutage :+1:

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Right, bit of a trip down memory lane this as I had very strong recollections of sitting down with my parents and sisters every week to watch this as kid. I quite enjoyed it from that point of view, and recalled the scene with the macaques in the hot water that was soundtracked by the penultimate piece. Sadly, the reason I recalled those snowbound Japanese simians was not because of the beauty of the music, but rather the flute heavy cod-Japanese tune didn’t sit well with a 12-year old me all the way back then and was no better know.

I really like the closing piece that using classical themes, found voices and pieces of Attenborough’s commentary though. The album sounded a bit horrible via TIDAL, condensed and muffled (almost like somebody had put on Dolby NR when it was unwanted).

This is a 5/10 but I can’t see myself buying it or returning to listen to it again after another 39 years.

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Tried but not my thing.

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Will take it out for a spin tomorra :+1: