AAAC - 1st July: Zombi - Escape Velocity

Zombi - Escape Velocity

Bandcamp Link

I think this is on Spotify, however I don’t have an account there. If someone who does could add a link it would be appreciated.

Zombi are an electronic duo who clearly have a keen interest in John Carpenter, Krautrock, Goblin and horror movie soundtracks in general. This is actually a 30+ minute EP and their 4 th release. Definitely a solid favourite of mine.

The 2 of them have also recorded as Majeure, albeit that is more Steve Moore (one half of Zombi). He is well worth investigating in his own right generally with plenty of solo work and some interesting collaborations and soundtracks.

No flutes.



Don’t know this but sounds interesting; right up my Strasse.

Yep, listening to it now and although I’m not a fan of krautrock I’m liking this

It is available on TIDAL too. Not sure of this link though. On next.

Not unpleasnt but just found it all a bit dull and repetitive, which I guess is partly the point of this genre.:thinking:

Might be better in the context of a film soundtrack etc, but on it’s own it just doesn’t have much affect on me.

5 out of 10

This is a fucking excellent album of which I have it.

Shrunken Heads is a standout for me. Great choice.

Reminds me of theme music from Tripods in the 80’s.

Twit. :slight_smile:

Thank you Chumpy :clap:

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I hadn’t heard about Zombi before so looked them up on Wikipedia. Their pages starts with

Zombi is an American synthwave duo from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States, consisting of Steve Moore on bass and synthesizers and Anthony Paterra on drums. The group makes use of looping to create multi-layered compositions. They have toured with Don Caballero, Isis, Orthrelm, The Psychic Paramount, Daughters, Red Sparowes, These Arms Are Snakes, Trans Am, and Goblin

Sounds like just my sort of thing in theory, but then I had hopeful visions of a Yank take on Fuck Buttons or similar. I really like a mix of electronica and acoustic percussion.

In actuality it reminded me more of Jan Hammer in places. The synths are very 1980s or 90s in style. The drumming was interesting though. I don’t associate the use of double kick drum patterns outside of lightweight hair metal bands so that was quite original. Would I buy it? Probably not. An inoffensive 3/5.

I’ve now listened to three of their albums a few times and really like it, off to source on vinyl now.

5/5 for a great choice and one I’d never heard of

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One I know and like. I didn’t know his solo stuff though, which I think I actually prefer!

Look for his work as Majeure as well. If you prefer the solo stuff, then I think this would be more up your alley as well.

Sounds pretty agreeable.

Good pop sensibility on display and some nice, catchy melodies. Has that Ghost Box Records feel.

A bit limited and derivative, but enjoyable. The drumming was a bit too upfront and 70s supergroup style (though understandable if one of a duo is a drummer).

His Miracle project sounds interesting too

Certainly more Krautrock /Kosmiche influenced than Psych but a really chilled, laid back listen. Very prescriptive and of it’s time but very enjoyable nonetheless.

I will be delving into appropriate back catalogues :smile:

Good reco, thanks Flea.

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I like the sequenced synths, quite Tangerine Dream like. Acoustic drums were welcome, however, they were over-gated and a bit dull for my liking. I’m not sure the two combine very well. It could have been done a lot better,

I don’t hate it but I’m glad it’s over. 2/5.

Somewhat worryingly, I find myself in complete agreement on this album with @OzzyOzzyOzzyOiOiOi.

Lacked direction and pace, not for me.