AAAC 20/11/18 Hanggai - Horse Of Colors

What you really need in your life right now is some Mongolian rock music. To that end, I present the wonder that is Hanggai Band, and their album Horse of Colors.

Almost all of my knowledge of them comes from their Wikipedia page, so rather than regurgitate bits of it, you can read it all straight from the horse’s mouth.



I will have your Guilt Machine crown :smiling_imp:


We’ll see :unamused:

Eh, I think you are trolling us all. :joy:

Genuinely not trolling, I really enjoy this album

I like throat singing especially when it’s mixed in with some nice guitar.

Listen to this group every now and then so it’s a 9/10 from me

PS - have a listen to Mathias Duplessy - My Mongolia, not as rocky but very good.

I actually don’t hate this.
With the exception of tracks 3 & 5. I hated these. Too C&W for anybody’s wellbeing.

The album was quite entertaining. I didn’t mind the vocals either. Which surprised me.

However, I won’t be buying it. Narelle would never let it into the house (I can only get so much shit through the door).
I may occasionally play it in the brewery though.

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