AAAC 22/1/19 L'Attirail - How to Swim in the Desert

Welcome to the Trans-Europe non-Express. My listening is more towards real instruments rather than the synthy days of the Trance-Europe Express. :slightly_smiling_face:

Every album is conceived as a musical road-movie between Paris, Moscow and Istanbul. L’Attirail’s music throws a bridge between two opposite worlds: country life and big cities, fast and slow progress, the Eastern and Western European countries, tradition and modernity, reality and dream…

I’m sure it’ll divide opinions. Like a novel, doesn’t need to be consumed all in one sitting. If I were driving, it’d be in the car.

The Rootsworld review of an earlier album helps sketch the territory.

We’re left giddy and drunk, stumbling down the street, where accordionists beckon from cafés and people conduct their secret business.

[Other streaming service links welcomed.]

Their range of creative output includes this cine-concert.

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Sounds interesting / different. I look forward to hearing this.

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yes , enjoyed that , thanks

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I like :heart_eyes: Not available on vinyl though :tired_face:

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The band live in late 2017.

Enjoyed this. Nice and gentle but varied, a mix of styles, which kept it interesting.

Pleasant chillax music without running into lift music territory.

A 6 / 10 from me.

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Yep, instrumental albums easily stray towards elevator ambience.

But hearing good musicians in real time keeps my ears perked much more than the synth stuff nowadays.

Regatta du Shit Accordion.

I was in a bar in Arras (Xmas 2017) enjoying the cool Latin Jazz, when stuff sounding very similar to this was played.
We finished our drinks far quicker than we had planned. This was necessary so as not to be arrested for stabbing the bar staff for choosing this merde. Cunts could have ruined my day except that I wouldn’t let them as they were only French and clearly knew no better.

YOU however… :rage:


I did struggle with this, sounds like music played in a Barcelona bar, which is OK for 20 minutes then becomes annoying.

2/5 Not for me.

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I really don’t know what I think about this. As an album it is something of a sprawling mess. The reggae-stylee bits were pretty awful, and there is far too much piano accordion (which by definition means one was deployed for more that a fleeting nanosecond). On the other hand, there were some long interesting passages that were very promising musically even if the arrangements were annoying.

A confused 3/5 from me. I doubt I will buy it but I might give one or two of their other LPs a stream on TIDAL.

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