AAAC 23/07/2019 Judas Priest - Sin After Sin

Sorry if this is a bit early, but I’m not around much on Thursday or Friday. Also posting early means that Olan can’t avoid it with the “on holiday” excuse.

I was originally going to post this album but then changed my mind for something that might have broader appeal.

I then discovered that at least one person associated with my second choice is now some kind of reactionary gammon climate change denier Breitbart twat, so it’s back to Judas Priest.

It has less of the American hair-metal leanings of their later work, and isn’t as wilfully heavy of stuff that immediately followed it.

Oh, and it also has a rather odd Joan Baez cover which I think was quite commercially successful.

Here you go

If I were you I wouldn’t fucking bet on that Guy…:slightly_smiling_face:

Anyhoo Qobuz:


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It’s sitting there right in front of you.

All you have to do is press play.

Join us.

I’m still recovering from Alice Feckin’ Cooper…:unamused:

a Smiths album?

Good guess, but no.

It was actually the music reviewer who originally put me on to it. Strangely I even went to school with him. It appears that he is quite the public figure now, and an immense cock.

So your other choice was an album recommended by a cunt, still gotta be better than Judas Priest?


I like all sorts of music me, even some NWOBHM. But JP are close to the worst of that era.

And covering Joan Baez is unforgivable I’m afraid.


I was aiming for “even less popular than Strapping Young Lad” (if such a thing were possible) and on the current showing I may just have cracked it :metal:

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I just cannot tolerate Rob Halford’s vocal style.

Reminds me of another terrible song: Rob Halford Robs Halfords

Far best

I like it


Righty-ho then. I approached this with some trepedation as, other than Motorhead, there are no metal bands I rate as less than execrable. Listening was done early to avoid ruining my holiday (did I mention we’re off on our hols??).

1977 was a great year for music. New Boots and Panties, Heroes, Never Mind The Bollocks, Exodus, Leave Home, Talking Heads '77, Pink Flag and Lust for Life were all released that year and are mostly regarded as classics 42 years later.

Sin after Sin was released in 1977 and you will no doubt have noticed that I didn’t include it on the list of great LPs of the year. This was very deliberate. I read up on Judas Priest before listening to this learning that they are from West Bromwich. That explains a lot. This is music that sounds like it was written, arranged, produced and mixed by Tony Pulis.

Absolute tosh. The epitome of Meh! Nil points. Utter rubbish etc.

Other than that it wasn’t too bad.


So, some positives then :+1:

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Absolutely. Top of the list of positives is that I shan’t have to listen to this again. Also, it is item 357 on my list of reasons never to go to West Bromwich. It is very important to concede that this is absolutely nowhere near as bad as Guilt Machine. Speaking of which, it is @MGOwner’s go next on the AAAC so this is potentially something of a triumph sandwiched between Alice Feckin’ Cooper and whatever the Strayan Prog-botherer inflicts upon us.

Other than that: Meh-fecking-eh!

Genius! The perfect suggestion for my next AAAC

(in the highly unlikely event that you’re unfamiliar with their œvre)




Meh indeed. I actually listened to the whole thing whilst doing mise en place (catering prep) for an event tomorrow. It’s ok. It’s fine. It’s not offensively bad or anything. I just cannot see the point given everything else that’s out there that I could be listening to instead.

An utterly middling 2.5/5

I note your timing :rage:

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