AAAC- 25th June: Crass - Penis Envy

Look Terry, it’s only us here. Don’t hold back, say what you really think mate.

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at least its not a negative number then…

I would be disappointed if it scored better.

Hating it is one thing.
Bata motel is an anthem for the current exposing of hundreds if not thousands of historical and current sexual assault/harassment incidents. This album was revolutionary, no wizards, capes or flutage though.

Music is a mechanism for lyrics. Without it lyrics are just poetry. I don’t care how good the poetry is if the music is shit.

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Oooh get you Emily Dickinson…

Does not explain your misguided love of sad prog though does it? :thinking:

If you read what you quoted, it explains it perfectly.

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Historic curiosity. Not something I would listen to on a regular basis anymore.

Best left buried.


You’re right for once :joy:

Fuck this is awful. I’m assuming it’s on purpose.