AAAC- 25th June: Crass - Penis Envy

My choice is something old, something familiar and something brilliant. On release it caused meltdown in the tabloid press, was removed from shop shelves by GM Police, banned by HMV and faced a predominantly unsuccessful (on appeal) prosecution for obscenity. Influential in the extreme, hope you all enjoy Penis Envy by Crass.

Sorry it’s only you tube.

:+1: Classic Punk Album

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Fucking hell how many digital platforms are there? :grinning: Thanks Allan and Olan :+1:


Never heard it

Will have to you tube

In that case you’re in for a special treat :+1:

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In 1979 my 18 year old brother’s punk band supported Crass when they played in a church hall in our local town.

I frequently had to field phone calls from members of Crass before the event on his behalf, all taken on ‘the phone’ in the hall of our parents house. And there was a massive fight afterwards between the punks and the local bikers. Happy days…

And I still think Crass are unlistenable shit. :wink:

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Crass unlistenable shit :thinking::rage:
Hard times-happy memories :+1:

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an excellent choice.

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I tried this yesterday.

I remember liking Crass in the early 80s, but I suspect that was because it was cool to like Crass.

Now I’m afraid I can’t get past the yelping vocal style.


Exactly the same is true of a lot of the metal I used to listen to - the vocals drive me up the wall now.

Oh Dear. Either I have not aged well, or this hasn’t aged well, or both. I think I have a copy of this on vinyl in the loft but didn’t bother to dig for it. I used TIDAL instead. I didn’t much get on with Crass in the 1980s. I think I like the concept more than the musical output. An interesting trip down (bad) memory lane but nothing more than that.


Loved Crass as a youngster and in later life they have become the soundtrack to my autumn gardening. I love to collect leaves wearing my big plastic hands singing Big Hands, Big Hands, Big Hands, Big Hands :smiley:


This album was never gonna be an aural delight for most butchers. Although I would argue it’s musically a mere forerunner to the likes of early Stereolab. For a 38 year old album it remains as poignant as it was in 1981. No wonder the establishment wanted rid of it in light of all the revaluations of sexual harassment/abuse and treatment of the less fortunate that have spilled out (and continue) during the years since its release.

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Just listened again, and it is a fresh as ever. Berkatex Bribe had me smiling all over again, looking for a mosh pit!

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What an absolute pile of shit. Not just your normal shit, but feed your dog on a diet of Weetabix, processed meat and stress type shit. Great piles of steaming, stinking, light brown revulsion.

Puerile, unimaginative drivel.

If this was the soundtrack to your life, then your life isn’t worth living. Consider moving to Switzerland.

2.5/5 ?

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Fuck all/5

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