AAAC 26th Jan 2018 SpectraSoul - Delay No More

Loved this album (SpectraSoul - Delay No More) ever since I first heard it on release. It has a lovely feel and is just great, even on repeated plays. There is a remix album for the die hards. The second LP is not so great.

Don’t know much about them, but I have 99% of what they have done and the very latest LP is great also.

What I wanted out of this, is something that I like that has a wider appeal, rather than hard techno or thrash.

If you don’t like, that is your choice, but you are missing out on some fantastic music.

Enjoy :sunglasses:

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FWIW I think your Spotify link is some dude’s playlist made up of the album.

This might be the “official” offering


Thanks - liked this very much. Listened on the Spotify 2012 link that sounded very good. Saved but not sure I would listen to other albums tbh.

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I like this.

It’s a bit of a trawl through several electronic genres; downtempo, drum & bass here, bit of a ragga thing there, but 60 minutes of solid jungle would be a bit wearing.

I’ll be buying the flac from Boomkat when I get home

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Tracks not long enough or noodly enough, must try harder

I’ve been putting off playing this for obvious reasons but actually I liked it. Nothing innovative or groundbreaking. Great on headphones. 4/5