AAAC: 26th June: Mark Peters - Innerland

Away for the weekend, so here is next week’s AAAC.

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One sentence review: I bought the LP half way through the first play.

It reminds me of things that Mark Tranmer does as GNAC with touches of Durutti Column and a splash of Mogwai and Explosions in the Sky. This is very atmospheric, downtempo ambient electronica overlaid with lovely chiming guitar motifs. Just the type of thing I enjoy. I’ll look forward to tracking down Peters’ other solo work and giving Editors another try.

4.5/5 and the best thing through the AAAC for a while (other than my last nomination of course :sunglasses:).

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This one isn’t for me.

It was OK’ish but quite characterless and uninspiring. If you wanted something pleasant enough, inoffensive and unobtrusive, that would blend into the background and not draw any attention to itself, for say a dinner party, this would be perfect.

1.5/5 for me. I have bought a fair few AAAC recommendations but, unfortunately, this won’t be added to the list.

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Thanks for listening Mike :+1:

It is a somewhat beige album, audible wallpaper if you will, so I agree with the dinner party comment. Sometimes I do like beige, e.g. hummus.

I almost feel like I have done you a favour in not selecting something that you want to buy. I have saved you money! :wink:

Good album Gareth
It will definately get a few more spins. . :+1: