AAAC 27/11/18 David Ramirez - We're Not Going Anywhere

A superb collection of songs from Mexican- American songwriter David Ramirez.

Mixing tracks lamenting the current political and social situation in America - opener ‘Twins’ is about nine eleven (which came a week after his 18th birthday) and how it changed America in an instant “Where were you when we lost the twins, where were you when the fear settled in. Goodbye America”.

There are also more personal tracks about failed relationships, growing older and feeling like life is passing you by with lots of references to drinking way too heavily.:grin:
‘Good Heart’ starts with ‘I got money problems, Which lead to drinking problems,
Those turn to sleeping all day problems, Which make me want to do it all over again’.

These are definitely songs that say something to me about my life!!!

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If someone can add Spotify etc I’d be grateful.

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