AAAC - 28th Mar - Wax Tailor - Dusty Rainbow From the Dark

This is really a “concept album” in that there’s a clear narrative that runs through the whole album. Other than that, it’s not really a typical concept album at all. It took me about 2-3 listens before I really got it, so it’s definitely worth persevering with.

There isn’t a YouTube link to the full album, but there’s a stream here that seems to contain everything:

For Spotify people:


Anyone here? I think some sort of lead balloon award might be in order for this choice (though I did once get zero replies).

Tried a listen, didn’t make it far. Don’t think this is going to be for me.

I’ve listened through once and it’s not too bad but I have a feeling that listening to it three times will cure me of ever wanting to listen to it again!

Made it through 7 tracks, then had to bin it. Really hated it. A lot.

It was like the soundtrack to a film I definitely wouldn’t watch. Something with Ben Stiller in it, perhaps.

After two listens, I quite like it - apart from the voice-over about “the Boy” which is just daft, reminded me of War of the Worlds.

I do like most of the tracks with the solo female vocals.

There’s an instrumental version on spotify without the silly voice-over, but there’s non of the female vocals either. :frowning:

Not sure whether I’d buy it, but I’ll deffo give it another listen.


I’m still hungover from yesterday, will listen tonight while luxuriating in my scratcher.

The long version:

I am listening to the instrumental version on TIDAL. I really can’t see how it could be improved by vocals so I shan’t go to chase it down on Spotify as what I heard is definitely not for me. It is miles away from anything I would usually listen to. Most of the (very little) rap I own is far more abrasive musically. There is nothing here to catch my interest.

So I will give it 3/5 for three reasons. One mark for the music, one mark to TIDAL for not putting on the full version, and one bonus mark for annoying @browellm and more than likely @OzzyOzzyOzzyOiOiOi.

The short version:
Somewhere between Meh and not really for me.

Have given it a go but it didn’t float my boat much. Has been quite nice and quiet since it finished! Mind you, I have one of those never ending colds at the moment, so everything is getting on me tits! :angry:

Not my kind of thing at all - though I’m sure I’ll have the same response when I choose next weeks AAAC.

I’d probably score the music about one out of five.

Certainly one of the oddest Album Club choices I can recall. So I’d give an extra point for oddness.

More for trendy French teenagers I’m guessing. Not so much for middle-aged blokes.

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So, here we have an album which seemingly tries to tell the st…Oh Fuckit !!!


(I did make it to Track 11 Mark but jeebus I suffer for my art :confounded:)


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Nil points.

Jon (almost) achieves Guilt Machine status :ok_hand:

I think this might surpass Guilt Machine in that I would find it very hard to believe that anyone actually listened to this all the way through. I know we have a claim of doing so, but I have my doubts…

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I disagree. Guilt Machine was execrable. This was merely dull. :unamused:

You are onto something with the not listening to it thing though.:spy:

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Yes, Guilt Machine was next level.

Yes, Guilt Machine was next level.

Twice even :grinning: