AAAC 29/12/17 The Donnis Trio

Characterized by the baritone vocals of Nate Donnis, the precise/intricate rhythm section of Phil Woodring (Drums) and Denis Sluka (Bass), the Donnis Trio is a folk/rock band from San Diego, Ca. Stylistically their music gravitates towards influences such as Tom Waits, Wilco, and Eddie Vedder.
They released their first album All Directions on Shady Tree Records and did some small short tours up the CA coast. The CD received favorable reviews and later found its way into the popular British TV series Skins.


I’m struggling to find anything negative to say about this album. I enjoyed the first play thay much that I’ve just played it again! Lovely mellow album with great vocals, excellent mucisianship and well recorded. Thanks for choosing this Gregg. 5/5

Get the CD or FLAC from

I forgot one of the A’s, and I misspelled the name, but only a mod can change a title.

@Jim is usually nice enough to fix this kind of thing since I can’t do it these days.


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Doesn’t seem to be on Tidal.:neutral_face:

Well, it is on Deezer.

Sorry; all the links are coming up generic.

Chroma is on Tidal, but not this

That is very helpful Terry. I’m worried about you, this is clearly abnormal behaviour. Is it a symptom of something more serious, or just the impact of a week of enforced sobriety?

Listened this morning over breakfast. I really enjoyed this album. Will be listening to it again and will check out what other things they have done. Good Choice :+1:

Struggling to hear this as I use Turdal and not SpottyThighs. Might have to seek out an helpful blog :smirk:

Cancel that, I see @Ijrussell has posted a link to Bandcamp.

Sobriety and Night shift. It was done at 0300 in the morning. I wuz bored :unamused:

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Most mornings at about 0715 I do a lovely big wake-up fart which as about twice as musically interesting as this and half as wet. Doesn’t smell as much either :crazy_face:
Tis a touch bland for me… Just a strummy continuum of beardy tedium.
Still, each to his/her own!