AAAC - 3 Jan - Godár: Mater

Classical for the Album Club?

I dunno about that… Not sure if I can support the concept.

Will have a listen now.

It’s music. I don’t see any point to differentiation.

Can hardly breathe in anticipation of your endorsement or otherwise.


I like it a lot. There are strong echoes of Part & Gorecki in it but it’s a satisfying listen in its own right.

Yeah but TBF you think Prog is music.

Uploaded to youtube by ProgLord!

Enjoying this. My classical knowledge is very limited so thanks for the pointer.

I liked it but the album on the whole is a bit samey and I was beginning to get a bit bored by track 5.

Sounded quite Nordic to me and reminded me somewhat of Agnes Obel and weirdly some Mongolian music.

Still in two minds whether I can support the concept of a classical album club, but was a nice listen.

Some lovely moments - particularly the opening and closing tracks - though the more baroque (which might not be the correct term, given my ignorance) track 6 wasn’t so appealing.

Would need to give it some fuller listens.