AAAC 30/10/18 Cloud Nothings - Last Building Burning

This new release is their 4th album a particularly spiky effort that moves between punk, noise-pop and sometimes metal. This album has some really propulsive drumming reminiscent of The National. As Pitchfork said: Jaded, nihilistic and heavy.

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I hated punk. I hate this. The vocals are poor and formulaic. The guitar sounds thin and flat (must be a Rickenbacker 330).
TBF, it started bad but did improve marginally. Not enough to make it listenable, mind.

Dissolution was obviously written by the drummer - “Guys, let’s play this. It’s got a drum solo in the middle. It’ll be great”.

I had to fast forward through the rest.

Dire !

I’m enjoying it, but having a bit of a senior moment identifying the major influence.

SLF? Or just everything circa 1980?

Should be an interesting listen. Looking forward to it.

For completeness :wink:

If’s that time in the celestial calendar when my thoughts are in complete alignment with Oz.:anguished:


Three songs lasted a couple of bars each. Just… no…

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Not really sure what this LP is for. It breaks no new ground, is nearly as irritating as Green Day, and retreads ground already covered by the likes of The Saints and The Ramones but with none of the skill shown by those bands.

2/5 including a bonus point for brevity (which in this case was a merciful release).

2/5, I quite like it in parts, but the lyrics and singer are shit.

Track 1 OK, track 2 is crap, track 3 meh, the album sort of follows this path.

Sort of better produced 1980s Oi music or 1978 Ramones without the anger , dumb and shouting.

If you want edgy

1/5 -> Sad to say that I agree with @OzzyOzzyOzzyOiOiOi.

Sorry, but this sounds like the house band from a straight to DVD American Pie spin off movie. 1.5/5, if only to give room for expressing views on The Road of Bones.