AAAC 5 September 2017 - Rosie Thomas - When We Were Small

It’s not too bad, quite pleasant in some places, but overall just a little bland and dreary.

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Wow, you actually thought it worse than my hip-hop concept album?


Agree with all that.

However bad it’s still 10x better than the childish prog drivel that you waste your money on :joy:


Is the correct statement.

Rong™ :unamused:

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Meanwhile, in the real world…

Saw Sufjan support Rosie back in the day. His first U.K. tour I seem to recall.

The problem with this genre is that it is stuffed to the gills with a great many talented artists, so you’re always looking for someone to do something a little different. And that’s why this falls wide of the mark. It’s all been done before, and better.

She hasn’t got the angst and chutzpah of Alanis Morissette, for instance. ‘Lorraine’, one of the better songs lyrically, feels like something Aimee Mann could probably knock together in 20 minutes. None of the song delivery has the pathos of someone like Kathryn Williams.

Stylistically it meanders around soft country, soft Gaelic and soft rock territory

Too soft, too safe.

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