AAAC 5th June 2018 - Fink - Wheels Turn Beneath My Feet

Fink - Wheels Turn Beneath My Feet

Live album recorded during the Perfect Darkness tour in 2011-12. Stunning sound quality and awesome songs in one 79 minute package.

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Wow this is amazing! How the hell have I missed this?! Nice one, thanks! Will be grabbing several albums.

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Video quality is terrible, but this is imho FINK at his very finest, playing with Manu Katche and Pino Paladino:


That’s absolutely unreal! Wow.

An excellent album Ian and already in my collection…

…but thanks for reminding me to give it a spin!

Great album.
Not easy to get a copy on vinyl unfortunately but it is a great listen.

I would very much like to hear this on LP. The TIDAL stream is very bright and quite compressed. It was much, much louder than the LPs I played before and after which didn’t help. It seems like a nicely recorded LP despite this. The guitars are beautifully played and recorded. I am less convinced by the vocals, which are a bit too much for my tastes. Having said this, I knew nothing about Fink and enjoyed listening to this. I’ll try to listen to some of the other albums but suspect I won’t end up buying much at this stage.


Beautifully recorded and mastered but I doubt I’d miss listening to it again.

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Here I found something more interesting;

Very much my thoughts.:+1:

I have heard various tracks at bake-offs where it seems to have supplanted Nils Lofgren Acoustic Live as the ‘look how good it sounds’ choice.

Don’t get me wrong I quite liked it but it all became a bit predictable and his voice is not my cup of tea (well he’s not a pretty girl is he😘).

Overall 7/10

Fink not.


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I listened to this a few years ago and not again until now.

As has been said, amazingly well played and recorded but his voice is too forward / loud and seems to have only one lilt.

That is a real shame, as there are some great tracks (e.g. Blueberry Pancakes) musically, and the Album as a whole is fairly musically diverse, interesting even.

It’s just that his voice seems to make everything sound the same, a bit like Nick Drake does.

Pleased I listened to it again - 5 1/2 / 10 for me.

Too much singing in an annoying way, not enough funk.
C- could do better.

All very “audiophile” except it’s got a bloke who can’t sing instead of a female.

Boring. Repetitive. Dull. Dross.

It’s good to be back :+1:

Surely you are used to that with prog :rofl:


We know a song about that!

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This one…

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I quite enjoyed this - first time I’ve ever heard him and must admit quite impressive for a live album. Not something I would buy on vinyl but will investigate him further on Spotify. :+1:

Quick listen. And I’m thinking Jeff Buckley meets John Martyn with a modern, trendy vibe. Some nice guitar sounds. Overall, it didn’t grab me. A bit soulless. But I’ve only listened once so can’t guarantee I’m right. :thinking: