AAAC 7/8/18 Pick a dub - Keith Hudson

Probably my favourite dub/reggae album from the mid 70s

Was one of the main albums we would listen to along with burning spear,i roy,u roy etc

A true classic among it’s genre


Excellent choice

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Great Album

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Never heard of it. Looking forward to this :+1:

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I own a copy of this. I shall enjoy the Strayan view on the reggaeness of this…

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Fuck. My. Life,



Brilliant, stick it to Terry :rofl:

I’ll be playing my copy later tonight.

A favourite of mine, I shall enjoy playing this.

I own a copy of this. Along with various King Tubby Dub collections it is possibly my most played reggae LP. Perfect music to soundtrack these beautiful long summer evenings we are currently blessed with.


Worrying Terry and myself continue to agree with each other. :frowning:

Utterly uninspiring and pointless. 1 out of 5.:-1:

I spent some of my formative years listening to dub, spliffing up and finally going to Blues in Leeds/Bradford…
As dubwise things go, I could imagine being entertained by this in days of yore, after having stuck at least 9 Rizlas together and used the cover as a reef tray. But nowadays I prefer the dub that still tickled me when not completely shitfaced, such as Mad Professor Dub Me Crazy series, or Sojie’s Rebel Sojie, or Scientist High Priest of Dub.
Spose that’s getting old!