AAAC 9/1018 Amos Lee - Spirit

I enjoy most of Amos Lee’s output, but this and Last days at the Lodge are the two that get played the most.

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I don’t think I’ve ever heard anything by Amos Lee, so this should be interesting.

I have a couple of his albums. I have found his back catalogue a bit hit and miss but I’ve not heard this one. Will give it a play.

Never heard any of his work, so should be interesting.

Not listened to him since Mission Bell, will give it a stream…

Who ?

Bit late to listening to this one. It is nicely played and performed by it is a bit light and insubstantial for my tastes. TIDAL tags it with ‘Adult Alternative Rock’ , ‘Neo-Soul’ (:face_with_raised_eyebrow:) and ‘R&B’. It is very MOR and, as such, is not really for me. 2/5 and I doubt I will be listening again or chasing down the back catalogue.

Always good to listen to something new and I learned that Neo-Soul is a thing, which is nice.

It is the very essence of MOR. Fucker should be prosecuted for lane-hogging!
Tis all very nicely played and recorded, but I prefer music with some semblance of menace and groove; this is the sort of “rock” ( and I use the term extremely loosely) that your parents would recommend…
I shall be steering quite a wide detour around any future or past music of Mr Anus Lee.


Thought it was dire.:weary:


Same as the post above, I’m afraid.

Did absolutely nothing for me :frowning: