AAAC 9th January 2018: Papir V

I’ve swapped spots with @A_Touch_of_Cloth at shortish notice so please excuse the rather rushed write-up. If you are bored by instrumental music then this is very unlikely to interest you.

Papir are a Danish 3-piece band creating instrumental music that is a mixture of post-rock and psyche with a dash of prog thrown into the mix. V is their fifth LP, (following on from IV :nerd_face:). The music is driven largely by Christoffer Brøchmann’s innovative and powerful drumming. Guitarist Nicklas Sørensens is clearly influenced by the likes of Michael Rother and Manuel Göttsching, but is sufficiently original and melodic to be interesting. In many ways Christian Becher Clausen’s bass playing is the most interesting thing about Papir, at times his playing provides the melodic themes while he also is a dab hand at providing driving rhythms and hefty drones. This is one of my favourite LPs of 2017.

I don’t do Spotify so it would be great if someone could post a link.

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Thanks for that Guy.

Is the download code with the vinyl flac or mp3?

Without any flac pedantry shite to muddy the water.

FLAC, which can be converted to WAV if you so choose. In fact, with Bandcamp you can download in multiple formats including MP3

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That’s going to cost me 26 quidz now. If I can buy the vinyl with flac code I’m happy all ends up.
How does v compare to stundum? In fact, they are all on Tidal so I’ll do my own research !

I like them all a lot. My particular favourite is III.

Actually the previous LP was called IIII which makes my teeth itch given how wrong it is.


I hadn’t noticed that before.


I’ve lost faith in you.

From now on I will be using Smash Hits as my sole source of reviews and news.

The Romans generally used IIII rather than IV, indeed the latter may have been much more recent.

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Not in school in Catholic Dublin in the sadistic 1970s they didn’t. Mistakenly writing IIII when a IV was required could leave you in a world of hurt. You could, of course, prefer IIII, but then you would be likely to end up on an IV.

Pah ! No flutes :unamused:

Very nice album.

If you like that spacey, druggy, psychedelic guitar sound, I reckon you’ll love this.

And its epic length is only a bonus.

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@htm_1968 introduced me to Papir a while ago. There is no secret about my love for them. I have Stundum. This album is yet another I will have to buy.

Dear Olan,

As I have said to @browellm on more than one occasion, “STOP COSTING ME MONEY !!!”


This is the proggy influence. It is a double LP not a 7" single though.:smirk:

III/IIII on as a double LP on El Paraiso records is pretty much essential while you are out there shopping Terry.


Non-offensive and quite easy on the ear, solid 3/5 for me, not brilliant but not Prog :cancer: either.

Probably late night chill music, about 1/2 a CD.

Better than I thought it would be, but not a buyer for me.

I was thinking before listening to this that I’m not sure if I like psyche - this confirms it!
All the tracks are the same - they start slowly, build to a crescendo, calm down and amble along for a bit, then build up again to the end.
Feckin dire :roll_eyes:

Meh! I knew it wouldn’t annoy @MGOwner but thought the winding up @Jim bonus might get some doppelgänger points. :wink:

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A bit repetative but still quite listenable. 3/5