AAAC 9th July 2019 Kate Williams’ Four plus Three with Georgia Mancio - Finding Home

I came to this album through Georgia Mancio’s website. She is a London-based Anglo Italian jazz singer, songwriter and producer who has released 7 albums. She runs a small jazz festival in London and performs regularly. I like her voice and singing style, and have the albums Silhouette and Peaceful Place.

Kate Williams (daughter of guitarist John Williams) heads a jazz trio of piano, drums and bass, and has released 8 albums, which I shall have to investigate. For Four plus Three they are joined by the Guastalla string quartet (2 violins, viola, cello). John Williams adds guitar on two tracks.

This recent release contains songs about a sense of place and belonging, some based on Mancio’s meetings with refugees in the UK and the Calais camp.

Musically, I’d describe it as accessible modern jazz – complex enough but not outlandish. I’m no jazz freak, and I’m sure that others can provide a more exact description. For me, it’s varied, tuneful and intricate enough to hold interest without getting too introverted. The theme is serious, but the tunes and delivery are warm and interesting.

Give it a listen and see what you think.

I ordered the album from the artist ( ), and received a hand-written thank-you card with it – a nice touch. It’s also available from the usual sources.

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Bandcamp link

OK, so I can’t find this on TIDAL or Qobuz. Listened to it via Bandcamp using my newly purchased Sennheiser cans. I was looking forward to it because of the nature of the music (jazz) and the presence of the artist’s father playing guitar on a couple of tracks. I can’t say anything much agaist the majority of the LP. Williams has a decent voice and the music is nicely written/covered, arranged and recorded. The string quartet are an interesting addition who provide quite dynamic contributions on several of the tracks. However, it is John Williams’ presence on track #2 in particular that raises the LP above the run of the mill.

3/5 but not really for me

Thanks for the response Ólan, at least one person listened to it… (though the singer is Mancio, not Williams :roll_eyes:). Can I find something next time that gets absolutely no responses - a challenge! :smiley:

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Fear not Dave. I will get around to listening to it. It just seldom happens on the day due to shift reasons.

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Before I listened to it I wasn’t clear on who was doing what to whom. After listening to it I wasn’t convinced I needed to to be clear on who was doing what to whom either.

Comparative statistic: I enjoyed more than Alice Feckin’ Cooper if that helps. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Fairy Nuff :fairy: At least you gave it a try.
It is fairly laid back so is not a very dramatic album.

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I shall give it a listen later this evening.

For the record, I think more people listened to this than did my awesome selection.

Yes, an “interesting” one, that. I liked it more than most since on here, but still not something I’d often go back to.
I must try to comment more myself, maybe someone will post something I like one day :thinking:

My last AAAC selection managed exactly that.:trophy:

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Same old, same old…


This is beige. Very beige.

TBF, I don’t like vocal Jazz. Giorgia has a beautiful, if stereotypical (timing, intonation, slightly nasal enunciation), voice for the genre. It’s just not for me.

It was played beautifully but it’s extraordinarily “safe”. It’s. Norah. Fucking. Jones is what it is.