AAAC august 8th darkstar - twenty twenty

Totally forgot it was my turn until was just reminded

Formerly this band were levitation then darkstar
produced by Steve lillywhite and released in 99

Afraid I don’t Spotify so don’t know if it’s on there

don’t do Spotify either but its on you tube

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I like the bit at 17.30, the bits before meh, derivative rubbish I’m afraid. The good bit sounds like a Happy Mondays tune, with less comedy and spite.

I can’t find this on TIDAL. I also don’t use Spotify.

Not on Spotify either guys

It all sounds a bit too earnest and shallow. Indy shite at it’s most convoluted. Bollocks, basically.

It is ok. I don’t have my PC running though my system so I listened to it on the speakers of my dell notebook. That is not a good environment for forming a judgement on the quality of something. Frankly, it sounds very much of its time.

Translated as “no capes or 30 minute keyboard solos’”

So, you agree with me then Bob :slightly_smiling_face:

Fuck no, way too safe for me. I prefer more edgy or thrash or punk or Oi or metal or techno or big beat or rave, not prog shite.

But we agree that this was shit. Yes ?

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The worst and least inspiring opening post ever seen for an album club? Speaking as something of an official historian on such matters, I can say with some authority that I think it might be.

My first listen and there’s some decent fluid, sparse, spacey bits (track at 26:45 YouTube time is quite good). There’s also plenty of noisier indie guitar stuff that’s all a bit pedestrian and dated… oh sod it, in keeping with the album club vibe this week I shall :sleeping: