AAAC July 16th. Alice Cooper Schools Out

Really struggling to pick one this time,so have plumped for an album that started my musical journey off in the early 70s

Was a big fan of his stuff upto the mid 70s welcome to my nighmare era then moved onto punk

I don’t think his early stuff ever got enough recognition

Afraid I have no digital links, so if someone could please add a link



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Alice Cooper was very popular with the metal/rock heads (along with AC/DC, Led Zep, Deep Purple and Iron Maiden) when I was at school. I absolutely hated all of it. I’ve changed my opinion on Led Zep in the last few years. It’ll be interesting to see how I react to this 35+ years since anybody last tried to get me to listen to it.

You’re going to love my choice for next week (I think) :wink:

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Thank fuck I shall be on holiday…:unamused:


Yeh but it’s metal so it’ll be so loud you’ll be able to hear it in Spain.

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I’ve always drifted in and out of Alice. I played a few choons in my first band. Clever arrangements abound. Just listen to the intro of the title track, the interplay between the guitar and bass is unusual.

Having said that, the band has produced a lot of shit too.

I’ve not listened to this album for 30 years, so it will be interesting :thinking:

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I get 100% when I play Schools Out on Guitar Hero, so I like this one.

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Started trying to listen to it. Stopped almost immediately. I think this is going to require me necking half a bottle of oxycontin if I am to enjoy it.


Never heard any other albums other than Welcome to my Nightmare which I did like.

I have to say tho, I fucking hate the song Schools out. Will give this a listen when I have absolutely and I mean abso-fucking-lutely nowt else doing. :slight_smile:

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I’ve got this somewhere, not played for years and generally I prefer the female bands of the era like The Runaways. I shall dig it out though.

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Love this album. Bought it on prerecorded cassette whenever it was new, then later on CD.

Jets is my favourite track.

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Frighteningly released in 1972

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Teenage memories. Bonfires, a wonky ghetto-blaster that kept changing pitch (or was it the LSD :upside_down_face:), girls with big hair and skin tight jeans. Rock on :love_you_gesture:


Schools Out … is prolly the only AC track I know and that’s not too bad, so will give this a spin.

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Fuck sake, I’m old!

Long review: Not for me. Sorry.
Short review: Feck!!

This kind of US rawk just doesn’t appeal to me at all. Possibly approaching Guilt Machine levels of displeasure on my behalf. All in all: Nil points.

It was ok, but I doubt it will get played again before I shuffle.

Maybe this would have sounded better to me back in the day. Today, however, it sounds like a very poor parody of heavy rock; sort of ‘This is Spinal Crap’.

I award it nil points.