AAAC Reminders for August

I am going to be away for much of August* so in lieu of my usual polite reminder PM, here is the schedule:
Aug 7th - @stu
Aug 14th - @Gyroscope
Aug 21st - @MGOwner (:scream:)
Aug 28th - @AmDismal

Please post your nomination in a new thread in the AAAC section on the Friday before your scheduled date for discussion/dissection by the date listed above. (e.g. @stu to post on Friday August 3rd).

*holidays in case I neglected to mention this before.


@stu was due to post on Friday 4th. I get the feeling the AAAC is dying a slow death. Perhaps we should put it out of it’s/our misery?

Apologies,thought it was meant to go up tomorrow on the 7th

Sorry @stu. Rereading my post it seems I am having a pop at you. This wasn’t the intention. There has been little or no interest in the AAAC for the last couple of months. I guess it might pick up after the summer.

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Yea, it’s far too hot to listen attentively to music

All the Album Clubs die a death during the Summer. It’ll pick up again.

Not until well after 21st August it won’t…:slightly_smiling_face:

Mine will be the reset. Everybody will love my album and give positive reviews :+1:

Ermm, I think you need to check that the gas on the Safety BBQ is turned off, as clearly you are hallucinating.

:mage:<- patronising prog - friendly emoji

My music is the bestest. You’ll all come over to the Prog side eventually. It’s inevitable.

Really Terry, open a window mate. The cottage is listed* so an explosion would be a shame.

*It was level before you moved in though…:smirk:

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No gas, no explosions.

You mark my words. It will come to fruition.
Denial is not an Egyptian river.