AAAC Rota Revision

The rota for the first iteration of AAAC finishes with @NAM on Tuesday June 13th. There will be no AAAC on June 20th to give me a chance to update the AAAC rota etc.

I will automatically include all current members of the AAAC on the Updated rota. If you are not currently on the rota please send me a PM and I will include you on AAACV2.0*. The rota is here if you are not sure.

The second iteration of the AAAC begins on 27th June with @flea, so no pressure there at all Kevin.

*Technically, this is AAAC V3.0 but the original AAAC was lost to the sausage fingered update. :slight_smile:

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TBH this is worryingly organised for AA.

Needs moar slapdash, preferably accompanied by occasional catastrophic failure.


I have delivered my manifesto for a strong and stable AAAC. However, I fully expect to make a complete and utter bollocks of actually delivering on the promises. Hopefully, @OzzyOzzyOzzyOiOiOi will take over again once he has located the majority of his greenhouse roof…

Can’t you at least show willing by listing people who don’t exist, scheduling them for 31st June etc.?

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That would be amateur level fuckuppery. Short of deleting the forum (which I felt was very positive) I shall be completely hopeless on an epic scale. Expect to be even more depressed than Jeremy Hunt’s dentist.

…a bit like your critique of other folk’s AAAC selections :wink:

Meh. Meta criticism from a Santa-a-like :santa: How very odd.


Ho Ho Ho :rolling_eyes:

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