AAAC: Tues 22nd Nov - Toni Childs: Union

Toni Childs - Union (1988)

Union was the debut album of the American singer/songwriter Toni Childs. Following its release in 1988, Childs was nominated for two Grammy Awards (for ‘Best New Artist’ and for ‘Best Rock Vocal Performance (Female)’ for the single “Don’t Walk Away”). Despite being critically acclaimed, the album and the single failed to make the top 40 in either the US or UK. The album was recorded in London, Paris, and Swaziland and has a very ‘Real World’ sound. I bought the album in 1988 having heard one of the tracks being played in an episode of Miami Vice. :smiley:

Enjoyed what I heard today, I will endeavour to give it a proper listen.

Was a bit Rod Stewart like😀

Quite what the elderly thespian was listening to when he said this I will hopefully never get the opportunity to experience. :smiley:

This was nasty, plain nasty. I turned it off after the Pan Pipe and synth intro of “Zimbabwe”.

Like some sub-Oleta Adams /Jennifer Rush 1980s power-pop soul death. The kindest thing I could say about it is that it’s of its time.

8 shoulder pads out of 300.


What a ridiculous thing to say.
(I thought more like Peter Gabriel with laryngitis) :wink:

Complete and utter dross. I listened to this at work around 0300 this morning. My colleague asked if it was Smooth FM. I said, “Yes, it might as well be !”

You can have this shit inflicted upon you by turning on the worst commercial radio stations, so why would you bother listening to it by choice ?

FFS ! Get a grip !

There’s some fabulous music out there. Much of the stuff I hate would be preferable. I would even put on some reggae instead of this. Yes, it’s THAT bad.

I had a feeling my choice would polarise opinion but didn’t think it would be me versus the rest of the world. Oh well.

It’s an oboe apparently.

The Rod Stewart sound that I heard disappeared as soon as my Line Stage was installed.:sunglasses:

Stop it, it hurts and it’s embarrassing.

Sort of Mick Hucknall / Jennifer Rush mix singing cheesy power ballads.

Eughh !

Your line stage was very good. :+1:

Seems well produced but that is still no excuse for choosing this Ian :roll_eyes:
Should have gone for Frazey Ford or Sarah Jarosz, at least you’d have at least one ally.:smiley:

I did listen to all of it but there were a lot of things in the way of enjoyment. Her voice is a bit too close to Heather ‘Foghorn Leghorn’ Small for my comfort. Then there is the faux World sounds and the production in general, very much of the time of course… I did find myself going along with one or two of the tracks or moments within them but these moments were few. Nothing wrong with a bit of pop in my view but this sounds like it was on the coat tails of a few records at that time and hasn’t much of it’s own sound.

I didn’t choose it to be safe - If that is the purpose of AAAC, then I guess I’d rather not be part of it. I want to have my listening challenged by being pointed at stuff I’ve never heard before or forgotten about.


Thanks for at least giving it a go.

I listened though it and my first impression was that it was horrible. I shall listen again as it probably deserves a thoughtful annihilation so best to get a full head of hate on.

Thanks for the inspiring choice.


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She appears to have had a 3 album deal and then disappeared. Not a good sign.

It’s highly unoriginal shiny 80s MOR and so any critique will therefore largely be based on how much you like shiny 80s MOR.

I felt the first two songs weren’t too bad (in a shiny 80s etc…) but by track 3 we’re into dreadful. The big number clearly goes first and it’s a decent pop song ( I bet that track was what got her signed). After that’s, it’s variable filler territory.

Overall, I think best waved goodbye and left in the 80s, when I’m sure it seemed much better.

Yeah, couldn’t have put it much better.

I thought of this album a few weeks ago, and sought it via Spotify. I think that the first track is great, and some of the others are OK.

The production suffers IMO - she might have a good voice, but the backing needs to be much more dynamic and have bass. It’s an 80s thing. It all seems a bit vague and suffuse, rather than punchy and full.

Julia Fordham next? :thinking: