AAAC - Tues 8th Nov, Rival Sons - Pressure and Time

Was going to go for something really fuzzy and gnarly but hey, life’s too short, so I present to you all -

Rival Sons - Pressure and Time

Very different to the stuff I usually listen to but it’s a great pick me up Album after a shit day at work, a royally fucked up US election result, whatever.

California rockers deliver a very rocky, very bluesy, very guitar riffy sort of Small Faces / Kinks meets Jack White Album. Much of it ripped off, some of it original, all of it a great, fun listen.

While you’re listening your feet will be tapping and you’ll have a broad smile on your face. 10 minutes later you’ll only remember a few anthems and riffs but you’ll be pleased you listened.

You can thank me later :blush:


I shall give this a listen after I have finished listening to the Doves


Should be interesting to see how the Dopethrone/Pressure and Time U-turn works.

Wrong place Olan :grin:

Fixt! (I don’t think they’ll notice/give a fuck anyway).



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Subtle eh?

Good CD, their latest one is crap. Good choice.

On next after monkey business

Wouldn’t say it’s crap, but nowhere near as good.

I would, I was most disappointed.

So I’m sensing that this will be fun if we check our brains at the door, as they say in Rival Sons-land.

We shall see…

Yep s’about it Notty.

Not for the musically intellectual shall we say ?

Oh :unamused:

At present I’m regretting I did not have the opportunity to check my ears at the door. I know it is a cliche (but it is a first for this version of the AAAC and the last IIRC): WTFITS??

Fun, No ?

Fun like a Trump presidency…

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You tube for the spotifyless

Given the prevailing comments I wasn’t expecting much, but so far this has been really rather enjoyable. It’s not up there with the very best, but a solid 4/5 from me.

I’m with you, thoroughly enjoyable foot tapping rhythm n blues/rock. Air guitar and drinking music, loved it. Good fun to see live in a small venue I bet.