AAAC - Tues 8th Nov, Rival Sons - Pressure and Time

So I’m sensing that this will be fun if we check our brains at the door, as they say in Rival Sons-land.

We shall see…

Yep s’about it Notty.

Not for the musically intellectual shall we say ?

Oh :unamused:

At present I’m regretting I did not have the opportunity to check my ears at the door. I know it is a cliche (but it is a first for this version of the AAAC and the last IIRC): WTFITS??

Fun, No ?

Fun like a Trump presidency…

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You tube for the spotifyless

Given the prevailing comments I wasn’t expecting much, but so far this has been really rather enjoyable. It’s not up there with the very best, but a solid 4/5 from me.

I’m with you, thoroughly enjoyable foot tapping rhythm n blues/rock. Air guitar and drinking music, loved it. Good fun to see live in a small venue I bet.

Well, if it’s all about having fun and saving time (cos life’s too short) why not just play ZZ Top’s ‘La Grange’ and save yourself 26 minutes?

Or if time is really short, maybe just look at an old picture of Sid James?

I’d say this album works best if you want some classic rock and time’s too short to undertake a bit of musical history to sample the bands which have been ripped off to produce this vacuous facsimile.

Having fun helps, saves being miserable.

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Meh !


Open the window Bob, the fumes are clearly getting to you…

I don’t get that tbh, I wouldn’t have said it was that similar to La Grange really.

I mean it as in it will be a lot more fun to listen to that.


Hey MJ2.

I would just like to say what an inspired choice your this weeks AAAC recommendation is.

It has bought back meaning to the desert wilderness of recent AAAC choices and instilled a sense of wonderment, nay, rapture to all the friends and colleagues that I have played it to.

My musical experience has scaled new heights and I feel indebted to you for bestowing upon me such a glorious celebration of the musical art form.

I don’t think I will ever be able to thank you enough.

A secret admirer x


OK, so I have given this three listens and am firmly of the view that it is not for me. I had gritted teeth (and ears) for the last listen. There are Slade-type glam-rock overtones that simply make my teeth itch. On the upside this was something new that I wasn’t aware of before I listened to it. On the downside, I’m aware of it now and will need time for my ears to recover.

Perfect music to listen to whilst watching Trump make his victory speech…:person_with_blond_hair:.

In summary, :poop:/5 and won’t trouble the scorers again here in tropical Liverpool.

To usher in the new reich of God-Emperor Tump we have @loo next up. Bring it on!

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