AAAC update

OK we are approaching the end of the current rota. It is @bmtell’s go this week, but he hasn’t acknowledged two reminders so fuck knows what is happening there as I think he has been posting :thinking: on here this week. So the point of this particular message is:

  1. We will continue with the current rota until March 13th when @Waxy will show us no mercy .
  2. If you are not on the rota and would like to be involved, please send me a PM, or post in the AAAC Volume 2 Rota thread.
  3. We’ll have a break at the end of the volume 2 rota and start volume 3 from Friday April 13th (auspicious omens there) with @flea.

I forgot to send @murrayjohnson a reminder for this week’s AAAC so we have decided to cancel it. This was my fault, I’m a bit distracted at the moment.

Next up is @Sheva to post on March 2nd for 6th March discussion. After that is @Waxy to post on March 9th for 13th March discussion. After that we are on hiatus until after Easter.

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Confirm, will be posted Friday evening.


Are we going to get this started again?

Yes. I’m afraid I dropped the ball while I was really ill. I’ll fire it up in the next few days. You can go first Ian :smiling_imp:


I’m happy to help out if needed. :slight_smile:

Sorry about your :face_vomiting: but please buck your ideas up.

The world needs more Mastodon (or maybe Billy Mackenzie, I’m undecided) , and it needs it now.

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At least I was honest and said that I couldn’t be bothered :roll_eyes:

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Two responses:

  1. A Strayan being honest? :joy:
  2. Fuck off Terry.

Anyhoo, I have posted the Volume 3 Rota now. It is here. Drop me a PM if you would like to be added to the list or have any criticisms or witticisms to share about the rota.

Please take a note of the date your turn is on and set a reminder in your phone, diary or glue-crazed imaginary assistant.


I’m on the list but still wish to send pm can you confirm if ok to do so?

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I think that’s the kind of discussion that can best be had via PM

Excellent, I get the Christmas slot :christmas_tree:

Better not deliver a turkey… TBH, I was going to give the Xmas slot to @Jim but felt the endless Santa references would detract from the AAAC.


Wouldn’t he be too busy at that time to do the AAAC?

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You are forgetting that he has the option to deploy the doppelganger. It was the crass cross-promotion and subliminal advertising for festive tat that really worried me.

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Right, it was @bmtell’s go this week. I sent him a reminder, he responded with a ‘Meh’ so clearly can’t be fucked to get involved this week.

Next up is @octh for July 31st. You can pretty much post it when you like Dave.

i would’ve expected something like this from bumtell…

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OK, I’ve got one ready so will do a write-up soon

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