AAAC update


OK we are approaching the end of the current rota. It is @bmtell’s go this week, but he hasn’t acknowledged two reminders so fuck knows what is happening there as I think he has been posting :thinking: on here this week. So the point of this particular message is:

  1. We will continue with the current rota until March 13th when @Waxy will show us no mercy .
  2. If you are not on the rota and would like to be involved, please send me a PM, or post in the AAAC Volume 2 Rota thread.
  3. We’ll have a break at the end of the volume 2 rota and start volume 3 from Friday April 13th (auspicious omens there) with @flea.


I forgot to send @murrayjohnson a reminder for this week’s AAAC so we have decided to cancel it. This was my fault, I’m a bit distracted at the moment.

Next up is @Sheva to post on March 2nd for 6th March discussion. After that is @Waxy to post on March 9th for 13th March discussion. After that we are on hiatus until after Easter.


Confirm, will be posted Friday evening.


Are we going to get this started again?


Yes. I’m afraid I dropped the ball while I was really ill. I’ll fire it up in the next few days. You can go first Ian :smiling_imp:


I’m happy to help out if needed. :slight_smile:


Sorry about your :face_vomiting: but please buck your ideas up.

The world needs more Mastodon (or maybe Billy Mackenzie, I’m undecided) , and it needs it now.




At least I was honest and said that I couldn’t be bothered :roll_eyes:


Two responses:

  1. A Strayan being honest? :joy:
  2. Fuck off Terry.

Anyhoo, I have posted the Volume 3 Rota now. It is here. Drop me a PM if you would like to be added to the list or have any criticisms or witticisms to share about the rota.

Please take a note of the date your turn is on and set a reminder in your phone, diary or glue-crazed imaginary assistant.


I’m on the list but still wish to send pm can you confirm if ok to do so?




I think that’s the kind of discussion that can best be had via PM


Excellent, I get the Christmas slot :christmas_tree:


Better not deliver a turkey… TBH, I was going to give the Xmas slot to @Jim but felt the endless Santa references would detract from the AAAC.


Wouldn’t he be too busy at that time to do the AAAC?


You are forgetting that he has the option to deploy the doppelganger. It was the crass cross-promotion and subliminal advertising for festive tat that really worried me.


Right, it was @bmtell’s go this week. I sent him a reminder, he responded with a ‘Meh’ so clearly can’t be fucked to get involved this week.

Next up is @octh for July 31st. You can pretty much post it when you like Dave.


i would’ve expected something like this from bumtell…


OK, I’ve got one ready so will do a write-up soon