AAAC Volume 3 Rota

Rota for the third volume of the post deletion AAAC. Please post your nomination by the Friday previous to the nominated date, including links to the LP on Spotify, TIDAL, and/or Deezer. This gives the weekend for participants to listen to the Album and post their responses/critique etc for the Tuesday nominated.

To avoid re-nominations the first volume of the AAAC is listed here

I will go through Volume 2 and post the summary later.

Please take a note of the date your turn is on and set a reminder in your phone, diary or glue-crazed imaginary assistant.

If you are not on the list and would like to participate please send a PM to @htm_1968

Jun 5th - Ijrussell
Jun 12th - htm_1968
Jun 19th - Spacehopper
Jun 26th - Waxy
Jul 3rd - Flea
Jul 10th - MJ2
Jul 17th - loo
Jul 24th - bmtell
Jul 31st - octh
Aug 7th - Stu
Aug 14th - Gyroscope
Aug 21st - OzzyOzzyOzzyOiOiOi
Aug 28th - Amdismal
Sep 4th - Cobbler
Sep 11th -
Sep 18th -
Sep 25th - Brystonian
Oct 2nd - LeonardSmalls
Oct 9th - edd9000
Oct 16th - Wayward
Oct 23rd - notaclue
Oct 30th - browellm
Nov 6th - NAM
Nov 13th - Jim
Nov 20th - TMC
Nov 27th - UnclePuncle
Dec 4th - Myrman
Dec 11th - Mr Kettle
Dec 18th - Olga Donkey
Dec 25th - Fuck off it is Christmas
Jan 1st - Catcando
Jan 8th - MurrayJohnson
Jan 15th - The biglebowski
Jan 22nd - B2T
Jan 29th - ICHM
Feb 5th - A Touch of Cloth
Feb 12th - pmac
Feb 19th - Stepmotheratomicbomb

Have put the date in the diary just in case.

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Only just seen this, i’m out. If you want to bump up list by one, it’s @Waxy next if he’s ready.


Thanks for the update. I don’t want to bump the list up by one as that means that everybody gets inconvenienced and I get to rewrite the entire feckin’ list. I’ve PM’ed a potential replacement.

EDIT: @Spacehopper has volunteered for deflation on June 19th.


Did I miss my turn?

Yes. I have added you back in to the end of the list. Next up will be @Brystonian who should post on Friday 21st.

Right @Brystonian appears to have done a bunk, so it is @LeonardSmalls and his terrifying love of the funk on October 2nd.

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@NAM will entertain us this week as @pmac is going to wait for a while to make his nomination.

If anyone else wants to sign up for the AAAC then drop me a PM please.

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AAAC seems to have fizzled out…

We haven’t had one since ToC…

Haz anyone even noticed? :thinking:

Yes. I’ll fire up another edition in the next week or so.


I wouldn’t bother.:disappointed:

Fair enough. I’ll leave your name off the list :+1: