AAC 2/8/18: Polygondwanaland - King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard

Been listening to these guys a lot recently, despite being not very funky and psych-rock-proggy!
They’re from Melbourne in sunny Oz, were formed in 2010 and have already made at least 13 albums. Polygondwanaland is their 12th, and as a bonus is available as a free wav download for those that like that sort of thing.


And here’s a whole hour of 'em live. Get them bongs stoked!

13 albums in one year.:scream:
I fear a case of ‘never mind the quality feel the width’?:thinking:

Oops… Meant to say formed in 2010. But 13 albums in 7 years isn’t bad going - they did 5 in 2017 alone!

{minor edit to OP just to confuse…}

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Oh, well I’m sure it will be outstanding in that case.:grin:

Absolutely reeling here that I’ve listened to the same band as Leonard.

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I have no idea why, but this is already downloaded into Spotify on my phone.

I shall listen to it directly.

This is still the only KG album I know, but it’s a corker. :+1:

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good fun this. :+1:

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Great Album, as are they all, in fact.

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I might have to change my choice… This is all looking a bit crowd pleasing!
It was nearly Mr Bungle.


Quote from YouTube: Easily the best King Gizzard album in weeks


Have heard some of their stuff and very much not for me, will give it a try but will probably fucking hate it.

I’ll have to drag my ahem 7.5 ips reel tape of this album out for a listen tomorrow :smile::+1:


So far this is outstanding. Quite weird in places, definitely interesting and with some decent rhythm to keep things going

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OK I don’t hate it, in fact I quite liked it, the singing was a bit sort of folky / proggy but the music was very good.

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Liked it so much I bought it. 4/5.

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You disappoint me Mr Smalls. I was expecting summat inaccessible and challenging. Yet you dish up a non-funk based, straight up, chilled, psych album that is instantly likable.

I’ve heard a lot from these guys as they pop up on the Oz Prog radar and thought they were a bit Meh! Some great stuff but plenty of duff.
This album, however, is very good. No way could you call it Prog, but a really good selection of choons.

I have ordered the vinyl.

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Of course it’s Prog. It’s got long, it’s got crumbling Castles, it’s got big instrumentals and non-sensical words. It’s progably got Wizards, Capes and Unicorns in the background somewhere, too.

It is therefore Prog.

Terry likes it, it is prog.


Definitely different, just not necessarily in a good way.:thinking:

A lot of the tracks start off like the Red Hot Chilli Peppers but then the vocals come in.:disappointed:
Don’t mind the music and the general vibe but the vocals are naff.