Abbatoir Meat Up/ Show

I’m very conscious that it’s gone very quiet on this front, largely after all the previous threads which were collating interest levels etc were wiped out by Jon’s fat finger of doom. To be quite honest I just plain lost interest at that point and couldn’t be arsed to start all over again, also how many times are you guys gonna be asked the same questions about exhibiting and helping out?!

It telling that there’s been little pick up and enquiry after this so maybe its not a bad thing to put things on hold for a while. Anyway, lets see how Scalford goes and who exhibits, who attends and what they make of it. My sense is there’s only a demand for another event of some kind if Scalford '17 is very unsatisfactory and has lost a significant amount of its original spirit and charm.

I think your finger may well be on the pulse with this unfortunately Wayne. Saying that everyone will have been busy with Christmas and stuff.

I would agree with that.
Scalford is only a few months away, let us hope it is a roaring success.

Jan 21st will keep us going for now :+1:


Yes I meant to say that too!

I like the sound of a summer jamboree type affair.

Not a show, just a good old fashioned bake off or get together. Close to a good old fashioned pub, make a weekend of it.

Oh and it must have a landing that is able to sleep 1 Lebowski. :slight_smile:


That picture never fails to make me chuckle!

For old times sake.


The poster boy for hifi enthusiasts :joy:


This is sensible. My view is:

1 - I have enjoyed Scalford primarily as a social event with some hi-fi angle.

2 - I’m not sure that the world needs another amateur hi-fi show, most of us are fairly or completely post hi-fi, so who exactly are we doing this for? It’s always been a lot of work to exhibit, even as part of a team.

3 - I simply can’t see how a show run by a forum as small as this could come close to breaking even. It’s not cheap to exhibit at Scalford, and having to add venue hire on would make it even worse.

For me, what would be interesting would be:

  • hire a couple of good rooms (fairly large, solid floor etc) for a weekend in a hotel that sells beer and muffins.
  • have people here put on some systems that are interesting: exotic cartridges, digital active vs passive, open baffle vs horn, quads with and without subs, Bowie through the ages, this kind of thing. Team efforts all, no more than four total. Possibly even one.
  • drink beer and chat. Eat curry.

This would cost just a hotel room out of season plus a few quid, and would be, for me, the best of Scalford without the grief of visitors.


A shame but realistic

Up until this point I was interested, but i just don’t think I can afford this…

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Maybe this on some sort of rotation,London,Birmingham,Bristol,Manchester etc…

I think regional soirees could be fun. The self supporting angle holds weight with me. Having £ risk and £ targets makes for a dry hump.

I like the idea of finding strange / interesting venues that could be taken over for a social. Of course there are costs and it would be no more complicated than ‘splitting the bill’. To this end and in the Butchers spirit I’d like to take over a curry house for the day / night. Food on tap - with a combination system from the hosting region could be a laugh.

Can we hire a bunch of prostitutes to piss on an NVA amp?


Before we plug it in or in order to extinguish it?

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That’s better!


Paul, if you ever offer to host an AA bash I’ll do my best to make it !


It WILL happen, once I get the listening room finished :+1: