Acid attacks

i am sure you are all aware of these horrific acid attacks . i wonder if any feel its worth signing a petition ?

this young lady is amazing but how the heck do we stop these buggers ?

hanging is too good for them !

The law needs changing, quickly.

The Government is looking at this now, on the news it said they were investigating tightening up the availability.

I’m afraid it’s a ‘devil in the detail’ situation. If you ban acid will they find something else (bleach ? caustic soda ? pepper spray/mace ?). OK, that may do less long-term harm to the skin but they can still blind you. The powers that be need to find the pinch-point in this MO. There was someone on the PM programme arguing that it’s the transport. His view was that the most effective point of control was to improve the security of mopeds/motorbikes.


Due to the availability issue a zero tolerance approach is required (for the crime) with the harshest punishment for those committing the offence.

I don’t think that banning acid would work either - I imagine that it will be difficult to administer and easy to get round.

I was thinking of getting some unpleasant chemicals for chemistry fun with the kids sometime; some of these would be potentially dangerous. Should it be banned? (There is a case for saying yes!)

Maybe making them subject to registration would provide sufficient deterrent?

I’d hand out sentences the same as if it were a firearm.