Acoustic absorption panel for a fiver

I have a couple of mattresses in my room that help deaden the acoustics but look fugly and take up space - googling to find something cheap and cheerful I found this

I am a science numpty so it all seems very sesnible to me - before I raid the airing cupboard and piss off mrs TJ any thoughts onif this is bollocks or genius?

fancy towels and I have art work - off to google a bob marley towel


Seems to make sense to me. Would have been good if he had compared using rock wool behind, as per the typical DIY panels seen around.


Trouble is with this plan is that to make much difference you might need 4 or 5 panels
who has sixty spare towels?

A pack of rock wool £25 is also an option
for material covering for mine I used cotton dust sheets used by painters as this was quite cheap.

must admit I was thinking blankets might be better for larger scale, I have rockwool already waiting for the project but no idea if that is better or worse than towels, try it i guess and see

I imagine towels are quite good, they’re nice and heavy, and his measurements seem reasonable. Foam is commonly used as it’s light and easy to handle, not necessarily because it’s the best thing to use.

IIRC Townshend used to stick carpet inside their speakers as damping. I would have thought that would be perfectly decent too.

I have loads of thick spare carpet - that’s a good call, could go all austin powers and carpet the wall in Shaaaaagg

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Why is he measuring sound transmission loss when he is interested in random incidence absorption? :roll_eyes:

Considering the value of the kit you have Darren, proper GIK or RPG panels are trivial inexpensive, just get it sorted properly :grin:

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Fair point but we are in the moving it around to see what works stage at the mo prior to settling on a layout (at which point properly is sensible)

As a for instance I now have a stacking system:

Which I mocked up with ikea units and an old wardrobe. Much better use of the space so I can now work from my Gifu room


If the reverb time in the room is too long, the additional absorption required isnt particularly influenced by layout tbh

If you are looking to addresses reflection points then this is related to layout, obviously, but I would not recommend absorption at reflection points outside of a studio design. Reflection points are much better addressed with diffusers.

Those JBLs :heart_eyes:


My new stand makes the jbls look small now