Acousticplan Amps - any users or experience?

Hopefully be looking to buy a new amp in the next week or so and while scouring hifishark I stumbled across Acousticplan amps.
I like the rather quirky looks but don’t know much else about them.

I seem to remember somebody posting a picture of one on the old site before everything got wiped - not sure if they had actually bought one?

Anyone owned or heard one?

chavdave has an Acousticplan CD player…it sounds pretty good if I remember :+1:

He probably only got it because it was blue.:smile:


I own the CD player but the amps got good reviews. The Mag Amp is a rare design. Pete or Guy will explain

Why is it levitating in front of a sepia photo of an old living room?

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Is it this one: Sitar Intergrated.
They are beautifully built and have great reviews. How old is it and how much are you paying? Graham Tricker has one for sale for £3000 at Audio Meister.
Make him an offer better still go and hear it.

That’s the one I was considering Dave - it’s black rather than blue which is nice, and has the optional remote too.
Seemed a sensible enough price but obviously I’d try to haggle a little.:wink:

Unless I take my speakers with me I’m not sure a demo would tell me much - maybe he’d let me have it for a day or two at home?

Graham Tricker is one of the good guys I am shure he will agree. Try him.

Pity it’s not blue would have been a good match for some blue hirns :smile:

What blue horns are those?