Can acrylic be easily cut with a dremmel type saw?
Thickness is 5mm.

Jigsaw with a fine blade is good

Was thinking of getting one of these for my amp,then cutting a long slot in the back for cables.

Is it easy to get a straightish line with a jigsaw?

The finish won’t be great, the specialists heat the cut edge with a flame (or laser cut it) to achieve a clean edge.

If I can think of the name of the company I used, I’ll post it. They’re not expensive.

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They’re good.

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The owner is into hifi, he uses a 301 (or used to)

I’ll see if it’s eaier to get them to make it.

Got a cat ?


Curious. Acrylic only ever seems required to protect HiFi from felines. Oh well.

Poxy dust

got mine from here

comes as a flat pack that you assemble with small fittings. You can specify a cable cut out as well. Was very reasonable in price…

WP_20151216_18_21_36_Pro by uh_simon, on Flickr

WP_20151216_18_21_04_Pro by uh_simon, on Flickr

cat proof
WP_20160417_11_49_08_Pro by uh_simon, on Flickr

Or protecting the Astra from Troll Kitty ?

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Yes i remember those screw together jobbies,are they from Germany?

yes they are…

I have one, very good and they make it to your size request.