Active standmounts

Just ordered a pair of those Quads. If they sound like Vox Olympians in a wee box, i will report back…


I’m really keen to hear what you think. I am without hifi these days :frowning:

How come? Entirely or do you have some bits but not a complete set up?

Grrrrr I can’t even…

Some bits…but not the bits that make sound :wink:

Maybe the AA massive can help tide you over?

I have a nice integrated and a CD player that is unused.

Thanks guys.

I thought I’d bitched about this on here before. Someone, and I don’t think it was necessarily the kids, fucked the tweeter on my Dynaudio’s. Was goig to be 300 quid to have it replaced. They’re boxed up at the moment. Both sets of parents look after the kids in our house during the week and they just can’t be trusted not to break stuff. Inlaws broke my last set of speakers. Shouldn’t have to be like this but it’s just not worth the fucking hassle or stress. Mainly listen to stuff on squeezebox radio in kitchen anyway and have momentums for better quality or HD650’s and an odac/o2 for a higher quality option when actually have the time.

Thought about wall mounting speakers or some other solution but just not had the time, energy or cash to devote to figuring something out. I still enjoy music on what I have. It’s still a better quality selection than I had when I was working abroad

Going off the idea. Will start new thread.

Fickle :slight_smile:

He’s in touch with his female side. :scream:

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I am soon going to be setting up a little system in the kitchen. I am looking I think, for a small, active, bookshelf speaker that is front ported, so it can go right up against the wall. Any good ideas?


Not sure these will do what I want but maybe good. @browellm Mark, how best to use these with roon and control with an Ipad? I have a squeezebox, which I thought might be a possibility but these speakers have an internal DAC…

Digital out from the Squeezebox?

BTW, those Audioengines are fucking terrible.

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Good to know from a user. I have just read good things about them.

I had a pair for a few months. The Aego Ms that Sodders sells knock spots off them.

As would Adam F5s!

Well, the Quads arrived, but unfortunately the slave speaker isn’t producing sound. Dealer has been good though, and is sending out a replacement pair, so should have a listen this week. They look good though, nice finish.

That’s the most important thing :+1: