ADC/ Pre Amp

Just an initial thought. Is there a one box solution to go between a TT with MM cart and a pair of active speakers? Preferably with an analogue volume control? Is remote too much to ask for? The cheaper the better as a starter so the upgrade path would be to sell it later and replace it with a better unit.

So you want a preamp.

I’m assuming from the ADC part of the title he needs digital output to his speakers, though don’t see how that could have an analogue volume?

If not then any preamp with a mm phono stage should do?

More info needed.

Pre with MM phono in /analogue line out to the speakers would do. Remote volume control would be a benefit.

I use my old Audiolab 8000AV Pre-amp/A/V Processor in just such a way in my bedroom system with Adam F5 active speakers. Very flexible with oodles of analogue & digital inputs + option of setting input sensitivity of individual analogue inputs. If you use it in ‘direct/stereo’ mode it is all analogue when using the analogue inputs. It does lack the more modern USB digital inputs, but I use an MF V-link with my Synology DS715 NAS outputting bit perfect digital audio as a streamer. It is a ‘classic’ full width component, but not high in profile so fairly easily accommodated. The digital inputs will handle up to 24bit/96Hz bit rates natively.

If you can find one I reckon up to £200 would represent surprisingly good stereo SQ capability per buck, but note one recently sold on t’ Bay for only £79 + postage which seems a real steal!!

BTW …The volume control is a nice rotary unit on the facial if you eschew t’ remote. It is described as a digitally encoded analogue vol unit by Audiolab & goes up/down in .5db steps, so lots of nice fine adjustment is available.

From what I remember the slightly later 8000AP which is otherwise v similar may convert all the analogue inputs through its ADC, if so it may be less of a purist option. I’ve owned mine from new & it has been v reliable over many years.

It does lack a Phono input, but has plenty of line ins.

Nobsound M77 clone obviously :+1:

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