Advent calendars

As my more serious thread about amplifiers is in danger of being derailed by those wanting do discuss toasters and coffee machines I thought I’d post a distraction.

It’s that time of year when gentlemens advent calendars appear. Here are 2 (mildly NSFW*) examples for the more discerning gent, and dirty old bastards too.

If the content is deemed inappropriate then feel free to delete the post but I’ll think less of you.

*and by mildly NSFW I mean they contain wobbly boobies but no sexy fun time and so you probably shouldn’t click the links if you are at work, have a despotic SWMBO or are some sort of milquetoast.


I approve of this.

More of this type of thing :+1:

i rather like the reverse advent calender too

Rather than getting a treat each day, you make a donation suitable to be sent to your local food bank instead. And you can start this calendar right now in November, by each day placing a food or hygiene product in a box for the next 25 days. You then deliver the box to your local food bank in the beginning of December.

Read more at:

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Sales are declining, apparently.

I always said their days were numbered…



me too - shall I PM my address to you so you can send me something

We did it again this year. :bomb:

REVERSE SHOCKER: Thread changes from slightly pervy to charity drive in one post.

ah the joys of AA !!!

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By reverse advent calendar I thought you meant one with arses rather than tits

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Don’t need one,but somehow want one

You and me both

What we don’t need is cuntz resurrecting two year old threads :smirk:

Yes, it’s better to just start a new one.

You’d only fucking consolidate it if I did. :roll_eyes:

Well, either that or spaff it with some random regurgitated unfunny shit from google. :rofl:


The word you need is “and”.