Advice needed

My daughter wants a computer to do drawing using a graphics tablet. I’m looking at a 4K screen, 27/28” and I’d like to mount a mini pc on the back to keep everything neat. Options look to be a Lenovo tinypc or a nuc but nice 4K screens which don’t use the vesa holes for the stand are a bit rare

I’d like to stay (well) south of 1k for pc and screen and wondered if anyone on here had experience of similar kit they could share

I think you want an IPS panel for colour accuracy. Response times aren’t important for her application.

Check some reviews for Dell, Ilyama and AOC panels. These are generally pretty good. I’d budget about 50% for the panel and you’ll easily build a NUC for £500 or less.

Get an iMac. Expensive, but the business for this kind of application. The 21" 4k model is about £1000.

She can use her imagination for the missing 7". (No need to comment, Jim)

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Dell 27" 3840 x 2160
iMac 21" retina 4096 x 2304

Unless you are partially sighted, it’s no contest.

IMV, a 21" screen is uncomfortable for graphics work.

So spend the extra money for the 27". Seriously, the mac platform slays windows for this kind of work.

I prefer to keep to the brief and the budget. Unfashionable, I know.

She’s not going to need photoshop (she’s only 13) and I can’t stretch to 2K for the Mac, plus I know my way around windows machines but have no experience with macs to support one

It’ll also have to double up as a tv for a PS4 and Netflix so the bigger screen will be better as she wont be sat that close - it’s replacing a 32” tv in those roles.

Cheers mark, I’d spotted the IPS panels had better colour.

I want to get it new so I get a warranty

If she’s into computer graphics in a few years I’ll probably have to fork out for a Mac then…

Fair enough. A mac will play Netflix, but connecting a PS4? The answer seems to be YES, but only if you have serious hacking skills.

This from this list

thats rather nifty but her desk has a solid back :frowning:

This LG monitor looks promising . IPS panel, factory calibrated, 2 HDMI in.

However its looking like a decent 4K monitor with the ability to mount the PC on the back is a rare beast, at which point the NUCs etc are still a good option, being small, but they are also more expensive than a standard PC… some furniture moving is required to see what space we have

@mibby - a big swish Mac will probably be the answer in a few years, they always get the attention on (very very) rare visits to currys or the like

Why is that so important? You can put the NUC anywhere, blutac to the stand?

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Its so important I’ve changed my mind about all of it :smiley:

Gonna get her an IPad pro and pen. Saves much faff and wires and she can draw on the screen which is even better… leave the current TV setup so the room doesnt need re-arranging either.

In true forum style I’ve absorbed all your advice (many thanks) and completely disregarded it although I did deviate from tradition by not choosing the end result before i started


A good shout! Sounds ideal for her purposes.

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well as is the way, i had a tablet in mind… then with the cost of a big screen i started to look at the Wacom tablets which are screens as well, but then you need a decent PC to drive them so I had a chat with Chris (Smeagol from the wam) who suggested the iPad, and of course it makes a lot of sense cos you draw on the screen (like the Wacom) but it’s stand alone so no need to fanny about with anything else.

You can always buy one of their eye-watering keyboards to expand its utility at a later date.

dont… £100+ for a ‘pen’ :slight_smile:

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Surprisingly few faff filled suggestions. Standards are slipping :smile: