AI valves

Using the AI 300 and wondering if upgrading the valves at some point is worthwhile. The ecl86s are new so it would be the others.

Saw this so presumed mine was the same,sure @murrayjohnson would know

Thought the 300 was

1x 12au7
2x 12ax7
4x ecl86

but this schematic doesn’t show the phono stage

That’s also a Mk2. @stu has a Mk1.

I think the phono section (2xECC83) and the Line stage (1x ECC83) were pretty much as the Series 500.

in the Mk2 the line stage changed to an 82


If it’s 12AX7s, the best reasonably priced ones I’ve tried are from Groove Tubes - their selection criteria must be really good, because all their 9-pin stuff has been excellent.

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Should add it sounds really good as it is,just wondered if there is any mileage in changing those valves.

Should probably just leave it alone.



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