Air ambulances

Just a heads up, to all.
If you have ever needed an air ambulance, or know someone who has, a reminder all of them are run by charities.
They are not paid for by the NHS or the governnent.
Please support your local one, with a regular donation.


Yeah we do, it’s beyond belief they are charity funded with the amount of money wasted these days…


Went to air ambulance fund raiser last night.
And saw it in action as it came the Whitby to help someone who had an accident.

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Probably one of the most worthy causes imo.

our one landed outside my office a couple of years ago. Serious accident on the A1 junction and this was the closest they could get. I spent some time talking with the crew that stayed with the helicopter whilst the medics treated their patient. The Herts, Bucks and Beds one is one of our chosen charities.

The view from our garden 3 years ago:

And 4 months ago:

it landed last year as well, but I forgot to grab a pic…
Thing is, we live in the middle of agricultural nowhere with quiet-ish minor roads, yet in the 4 years we’ve been here it’s landed right next to us 3 times - 2 RTAs and 1 suicide.
All the local shops have charity jars for it, into which my change always goes: ambulance take 30-45 minutes to reach us, the A-A 5-7mins…

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They have saved so many lives here, it goes without saying that they should get every bit of public support (although they should be funded by government funds)

You will never know when you need them, until it is too late. :frowning_face:


Couldn’t agree more Paul - once you’re away from the big towns and cities, they’re vital :+1:

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We have a direct debit set up to play their lottery - haven’t won a damn thing and don;t really care. Great cause.

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my Rugby Club support the Yorkshire one with fund raising

Christ, I remember that. Fucking hit and run on a cyclist if memory serves.

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Just so - they drive like cunts round here. Prolly why I feel at-home.