Air Motion Transformer tweeters any experienced users here?

Hi advice please, I am contemplating yet another Open Baffle speaker but with an AMT type tweeter.
Has anyone used or have experience ESS AMT’s, Beyma TPL 150 or any the new Mundorf AMT Line?

I did hear some beymas 150’s at one of the pie shows and it sounded good to me then.

Big ears audio have some vintage Ess’s I have never delt with them can they be relied on as a dealer?

Also I have seen some new EES 389 Euro each on German eBay (hifi sound shop) it say UVP545Euro - What does UPV mean Normal price or after VAT is added?

thanks in advance

Only heard the AMT ESS once at a show and the top end was class, bottom end rubbish, but that is of no interest. Not had great dealings with the dealer and Chris Smeagol had issues with some of their stuff (valve amps), so check it.

Check out the Dayton range, I’ve used some of the small ones on my Frugal Horn XL’s.

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I heard them when Ess were pulling out of the UK and selling there remaining stock cheaply. The AMT - 1 was superb but the Bass was crap and I didn’t think my A & R Cambridge amp would drive them. They go quite low.

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There is also Elac and Golden Ear.

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I’ve only heard them at shows, but you should definitely do this :blush:

2-way or 3? Tell me you’re planning 3 :heart_eyes:

UVP means unverbindliche Preisempfehlung, literally not-binding price suggestion, something like MSRP in English (So, including VAT, which is the case when buying in Germany and the UK still in the EU):grinning:.
Looks the shop sells under German law, which is quite good buyers protection. It is described in detail what to do if you want to undo the purchase within 1 month.

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Thanks Bob - But what is the property tax grievance thing about?-Did you mean to paste something more topic specific or have I missed the point?

A two way is something of a stretch but perhaps may be workable under limited circumstances - certainly I would l try it if I had drivers that theoretically had the range even if just fro learning purposes -There is precedence - Spatial make a 2 way using and AMT tweeter and an 15" AES OB driver.

In fact there are other 2 ways

The main question is which of the circa 98db efficiency AMT units delivers the best quality and price?