Airpod Max

No bugger else has mentioned them so I’d better pipe up

Anyone tried them?

I need something wireless to replace my PXC 550 (which I’d probably keep were it not for them being remarkably uncomfortable for what I can only assume are large ears)

Cost isn’t really an issue tbh, so the apples are on the agenda.

Leaving aside the piss-take “case”, they seem like they might well tick a few boxes - but has anyone actually tried them?

Have you seen the MKBHD video?

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I haven’t but I will, thx.

Not sure that I ever really trust youtubers, no matter how many followers they have


I’ve found a massive shitty stick with which to not touch them

So close, and yet so very very far from something I’d wanna spend money on

Explain your reasoning!

Portability (lack of)
Case (lack of, and that’s being kind)
Quite possibly too heavy to be comfortable
Faint whiff of piss take

OTOH I’m not sure there’s anything that’ll sound better, and as I’m not prepared to go back to a wired setup then it’s this vs the Sony’s (Unless there’s something I’m missing?*)

(*would almost certainy be tempted by the Amirons SQ, I’m sure, but Id prefer to have something portable / foldable and with ANC, so …)

And yours - are you considering them?


Not me. I bought some Sennheiser momentum over ear things a while back; while they’re not perfect the feature set is great for me. I only really use them on train journeys etc. These were from the Sennheiser B stock store, so heavily discounted despite being ostensibly perfect.


I seem to be chasing my tail a wee bit, tbh

I’d like something to replace my uncomfy Senn 550’s which while offering their portability, also offer a decent boost in SQ (which FWIW I’m willing to pay for.) Trouble is, I don’t think they exist.

I could go to over wired cans and a portable chord / fiio amp … but that always seemed such a bloody faff to me

They look very similar to my Momentums; mine are round while yours are oval. Feature set looks similar, but I’m sure the Sennheiser marketing team have a clue…

I find them comfortable, and I’d see no reason why the 550s wouldn’t be for me - it’s always personal, and I imagine that you can’t try before you buy. It’s hard to know what best to do when a prime criterion is comfort, as that is so personal.

Is it worth trying an email to check if you can try before you buy? I imagine that Sennheiser, on hearing that you have 550s but want more comfort and SQ, would want to be helpful, although their only option is probably the Momentum 3s. Not sure what dealers can do right now.

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@Tons_of_fun Ed led me toward the 550 over the Momentum, IIRC

Obviously he’s not responsible for the shape of my ears (or so says my Mum)

Shops are open over here so I can easily pop out and try some M3’s

If I chose to stick with Sennheiser, I could always eBay the 550 and get a pair of s/h M3

The 550 was better than the Momentum of its generation but the Momentum was further updated and the 550 wasn’t.

Are you an iPhone user? The simple issue that Apple has kneecapped the bluetooth of the iPhone and iPad for anything except their own stuff does lend a certain weight to the AirPods.

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I’m sorry, what ??

There’s no Apt-X or LDAC implementation on the iPhone or iPad Bluetooth. AAC is supported but that tops out at 320kbps. AirPods in all their forms use a proprietary take on AAC Bluetooth that (apparently- it’s rather hard to quantify) allows for a higher bandwidth. It’s not licensed to other companies. As the 550 doesn’t (from memory) have AAC Bluetooth, anything that does will have benefits but to get anything more than that you need to be inside the walled garden.



Fucking Apple

Thanks Ed - Yup, the v1 doesn’t have AAC so if I’m not getting the Airpod Max then I’d better start gen’ing up on which headsets offer AAC

Thx, as always