Alexa talky/music thing/micro dot whatsit?

Amy, our 9 year old would like one of these things that sits in her little bedroom and she can tell it to play Katy Perry over and over again and she can ask it silly questions and stuff, what’s the bestest as I know nothing about this witchcraft?

Cheers :+1:


You could araldite it to the top of an Alexa.


“Alexa, order the entire range of Barbie. Alexa, confirm purchase.”


Ah, on second thoughts…

Ha! Do the people that make these dolls actually look like them? As no one else does :grin:

Alexa, can you read me Lady Chatterlys Lover.


‘Alexa, tell me again about the naked love between Katy Perry and Russell Brand…’

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More seriously:

You can get an Alexa echo dot for not much money.

You can get a Google Home Hub for £100 at the moment, which has a decent tablet screen.

Edit: Google home mini is currently only £29 as well

A mobile phone has exactly this functionality, and she might need one soon if she’s going to be walking home.

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Cheers for that, yeah just looked at some of those and they look doable for her Birthday in December (I know bad family planning!).

The Echo Dot only has a tiny tinny speaker, OK for alarm clock but not for music. You can plug it in to a hifi though (which you can’t with the “normal” Echo). Think you can disable the online ordering, though haven’t tried it.

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I use one for music in our garage and it is adequate. We have an echo spot elsewhere in the house and that is ok for internet radio. I prefer the echo spot as it has a display.

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You can also bluetooth to a hifi, or as I do, into our kitchen radio.

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