All in one system with CD/radio alarm

Claire wants a new clock radio.

She has had a succession of cheap shite ones that sound like crap, have awful reception and are just generally unacceptable to my sensibilities.

So I’m going to buy her one for Xmas. This will be for me too so I want something not shite.

Needs to have an alarm function that can be operated by a remote handset, compact as possible and have a CD player and preferably DAB. She wants something like a Bose Soundwave, but I’ve convinced her that they’re a rip off. But she’d like a true all in one, no separate speakers if possible.

What is out there up to about £200?

Tivoli or ruark

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Buy her the Bose, misery guts.

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These are all nice, but I was serious about the budget, I’m obviously not getting any overtime while I’m off sick, so as much as I’d like to spunk £600 on a Tivoli System+, I honestly can’t afford it.

do Steepletone do something


Now you’re just shooting at the moon!

God knows why she won’t use her phone as an alarm like the rest of the world.

Might try and convince her to do that and look to see if I can find one of those little Marantz systems in a sale…

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That looks perfect.

It certainly fits the parameters. Wonder what it sounds like.

I had a single speaker Pure DAB radio in the kitchen for years and it sounds ok, it’ll be fine for a bedroom

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They are normally pretty good. I have a couple of the older, portable ones, without CD.

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She needs a CD player Stu, so she can listen to her Gary Barlow and Mickey Bubbles stuff.

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As per usual I didn’t read the cd part

Top AA-ing. Well played sir :+1:

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Have you heard one Mike ?